The Top Questions To Ask A Wholesale Gelato Distributor

What do you need in a wholesale gelato distributor? Before you choose one supplier for your restaurant, café, or food stand, take a look at the questions to ask.

What Flavors Do They Offer?

Chocolate and vanilla are standard selections. But, your customers may want something more. Ask the distributor about uncommon flavors, seasonal options, or popular picks their other food services customers order due to high demand.

If you have specific ideas about the flavors you want to add to your gelato menu, discuss the possibility of custom creations or combinations. These can make your business stand out and give your customers plenty of alternative (and tasty) options to explore.

How Can Clients Taste-Test the Options?

The distributor can provide you with a description of each flavor. But you may need more than words. Talk to the gelato wholesaler about taste-testing policies. Will the distributor allow you to taste a variety of options on-site (at their facility), or can they ship samples to your place of business?

How Do They Maintain Safety Standards?

Even though taste is a top consideration, you want to make sure the gelato is safe for your customers to eat. Discuss the state and federal safety standards and regulations the distributor follows. These may include storage temperatures, transportation temperatures, methods of transportation, and disclosure of allergens/ingredients.

What Ingredients Do They Use?

You aren't the only one who needs to know about potential allergens. Your customers also need this information before they choose a new flavor.

Along with allergens, you can highlight special, exotic, or unconventional ingredients in your menu or marketing materials. Ask the wholesaler if they can provide you with more than a basic list. They may have additional facts or background information that can help you to sell the gelato.

Does Quantity Affect Price?

What quantities does the distributor sell their gelato in? A purchase from a wholesaler typically gives restaurant and other eatery owners the chance to buy in bulk — and possibly for a reduced or reasonable price.

As a business owner, you have two goals. The first is to keep your customers happy. The second is to make a profit. If the price of the gelato is well above your budget, your overall profits will suffer. Even though a gelato brand may make your customers come back for more, the quantity should come at a bulk rate price that makes sense for your business needs. For more information about wholesale gelato, contact a local distributor.

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