2 Tips for Making Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

If you are like many people, you make new year's resolutions every year and vow to get rid of a few bad habits or meet new goals. Then, as the year passes, you realize that you never met your goals and may not even be on the way to meeting them and still have those bad habits you vowed to stop. How can you make this year different? Read on to learn two tips for meeting this year's goals and making it your most productive year ever. 

1. Don't Stop Writing After Jotting Down Your Resolutions

It is all too easy to write down a list of your new year's resolutions, then put your paper and pen away and completely forget about them or just feel overwhelmed with the hefty goals you have made for yourself. There are many steps between making a goal and meeting it, and by making a step-by-step timeline of mini-goals, planning how you will meet them, and giving yourself deadlines for each step, you can make that goal much easier to meet by the end of the year. 

For example, if you would like to lose 50 pounds by the end of 2017, break down that goal into mini, monthly weight loss goals of about 4 pounds each month or about one pound each week. Already, that sounds much less overwhelming, doesn't it? 

Then, decide how you will meet that goal. Of course, cutting your daily calorie intake and exercising are two ways to lose weight. Make a plan to eat 500 fewer calories than you currently consume each day to lose that one pound per week, burn 500 calories every day on that treadmill, or alternate work-out and calorie-cutting days. 

If you are setting several goals, then purchase a daily planner book or download one online and input every mini-goal into it to stay organized. If you enjoy motivational quotes, then find one that includes daily notes of inspiration or write them into the planner yourself. 

2. Keep Health a Priority All Year 

Even if getting healthy is not on the top of your "to-do" list, realize that staying in good health is one of the keys to meeting all goals this year. Don't let being ill due to unhealthy eating habits or feeling like you "just don't have the energy" to attend that class you enrolled in be the excuse for not meeting your goals. 

Start getting more active by just taking one long walk each day if you currently don't exercise at all. You may be surprised at how much more energy you have during the rest of the day if you take this walk in the morning. Another easy way to transition into a new, healthy lifestyle is to switch from that calorie-filled coffee drink you purchase at the local big-chain coffee shop to a healthier alternative. By switching from an almost 500 calorie coffee drink to a healthy, sugar-free energy drink, you can shave calories and fat off your daily menu without even having to skip dessert. 

Unlike coffee, healthy energy drinks typically contain vitamins that can give your health a boost if your diet doesn't include at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Many provide steady energy all day compared to the quick jolt of energy coffee provides that is quickly followed by a caffeine crash. For more information and to find a drink you'll enjoy, check out companies like Lucid Globe LLC that specialize in energy drinks.

If you want to follow through with your new year's resolutions and meet your goals by the end of the year, then follow these two tips for success. 

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