4 Nutritional Benefits Of Egg Whites Aside From Protein

Eggs are known for being packed with the protein that helps support muscle growth and proper organ function, but they're also high in fat and cholesterol unless you eat just the white part of each egg. Of course, egg whites offer more than just protein and a low fat content to the dieter looking to get in shape and boost their health. Find out what other four essential nutritional building blocks are found in separated egg whites.


While the yolk of an egg technically contains more selenium, there are still 6.6 micrograms of this essential vitamin in the white of an egg. The average adult needs around 55 micrograms per day and most people don't reach this number, so adding a few healthy egg whites into your daily diet is a great way to boost selenium intake without adding many calories or any fat. Without enough selenium, you could develop immune system and reproductive issues.


Adults are supposed to consume an amazing 4,700 milligrams of potassium each day to stay healthy and maintain normal muscle and brain function, yet most of them fall short of that goal by at least 1,000 milligrams. An egg white only contains about 54 milligrams of the mineral in it, but that's more than double what is found in the fat-filled yolk. With such a lack of fat and low calorie count, it's easy to eat four or more egg whites in one meal and add a few hundred more milligrams of potassium to your daily intake.


As one of the more well-known B vitamins, riboflavin is commonly taken as a supplement to boost energy levels. Imagine turning to a tasty dish of scrambled egg whites or a light colored omelet to get your daily dose instead. Each egg white has about .145 milligrams of this vitamin in it, but that small amount adds up quickly since even breast-feeding women need less than 2 milligrams of the vitamin each day.


Finally, don't forget about niacin, which also plays an important role in muscle tissue growth and healing. The egg white contains .035 milligram of the mineral, while the yolk provides a measly .004 milligram dose. Neither are a particularly strong source of this B vitamin, but those small percentages still combine to contribute to your daily goals for reaching a balanced intake of essential minerals and vitamins from food sources instead of expensive supplements.

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