Fun Ways To Give Wine As A Gift

If you need to pick up a gift for a friend, and you know they appreciate the taste of finer alcohol, you may want to think about surprising them with a perfect bottle of wine. Many people enjoy receiving a bottle of wine to drink with dinner or to enjoy a glass in the evening hours. To make the gift even more spectacular, consider incorporating the wine along with other accompaniments to delight the recipient. Here are a few fun ways to dress up a bottle of wine to give as a gift.

A Festive Holiday Look

Purchase a long, clear plastic cylinder with a circumference a bit wider than the width of your wine bottle. Place clear glass chips in the bottom of the cylinder to make it appear like ice. Set the wine bottle on top of the glass chips and tilt it to one side so the neck and cork rests on the side of the cylinder. Stick a few small sprigs of pine branches inside the cylinder, around the wine bottle. Top with a single red flower and place the top on the cylinder. This display will brighten your friend's mood while giving them a reusable floor vase to remember your thoughtfulness after their wine has been enjoyed.

Sea Lover's Gift Basket

Purchase a tall, festive basket in a white, teal, or peach color. Place some cedar branches in the bottom of the basket to give the gift a delightful scent. Place the wine bottle close to one side of the basket. On the other side, place a few tall wine glasses with seashells or dolphins etched into the sides. Add a few decorative starfish ornaments. Wrap a piece of blue ribbon or festive rope around the handle or top of the bottle to complete the look.

Small Indulgences

Place a bottle of wine in a basket filled with tissue paper shreds. Add some fine chocolates, a package of crackers, and a few cheeses that do not need refrigerating. Place two wine bottles in the basket as well. Add a small cheese cutter and a corkscrew so the snack can be enjoyed at any time without needing to search for utensils. Add a gift certificate for a local winery. This gift will be enjoyed by your friend and a partner, allowing the to have some fun visiting the winery together after their treats have been consumed.

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