Diamonds And Deli Meat: Steps To Make A Buffet Wedding Reception Upscale

Most weddings that are considered formal or upscale will have plate service for each participant. Plate service weddings are not feasible for some couples for a number of reasons. If you have guests with an RSVP that do not show up, you will have wasted money on the plates that went unused. It is also possible that some guests will have allergies or will not have a taste for the plate choices that you have selected for your reception. For this reason, a buffet is a good option. The biggest issue with a buffet is that they are often not considered properly formal. If you want to have a swanky wedding with a buffet, here are some ways to make your options dinner more ceremonial.

Skip the aluminum

The number one issue with a buffet being considered a less attractive option is due to how it looks. Instead of serving foods inside of large aluminum trays, opt for a classy option. Display foods on beautiful china or on white or clear dishes. This will not only make the buffet look better, but will also make the food itself look more appetizing. Multi-tiered food displays with colorful decorations can bring a buffet from low-end to royally decked out.

Employ servers

If you are having a formal wedding, you do not want your guests to risk getting food on their lovely clothing while serving themselves. Employ servers to serve food from the buffets. You will also need servers who can walk around and take orders from guests who are not ambulatory or may have lap children that prevent them from walking around. Ask that your servers dress properly for your wedding occasion, which can include shirts and ties or suits.

Create food sections  

Instead of having long lines at one long buffet table, use sections for different food items. You can have appetizers in one area, side choices in another corner of the room, and entrees at the center of the action. Your dessert and cake table should also be together so that it is easiest for the staff to cut and serve the cake after you and your spouse have the ceremonial first bites. Create overhead or standing displays that announce the name of each section so that guests know which area they need to walk towards, rather than drifting around the room. Keep the food in the perimeter or the corners of the room, and keep all guest tables in the center for shorter walking and easy viewing.

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