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Remember These Tips When Going For High Tea

The concept of a “tea” as a food-and-drink event sounds lovely, but it can quickly become confusing for people who have heard about the ritual only through books or TV shows. This British tradition — really a blanket term for a few different types of events — has grown in popularity in other countries such […]

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Fun Ways To Give Wine As A Gift

If you need to pick up a gift for a friend, and you know they appreciate the taste of finer alcohol, you may want to think about surprising them with a perfect bottle of wine. Many people enjoy receiving a bottle of wine to drink with dinner or to enjoy a glass in the evening […]

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3 Surprising Health Benefits Of Pickle Juice

Pickles are great with a sandwich or burger, but when you finish the jar of pickles in your fridge, you may be neglecting to use the best part of the jar – the juice that the pickles were soaking in. It may surprise you to learn that pickle juice is actually very healthy for you. […]

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